YouTube briefly suspends LAPD for sharing violent assault video

The Los Angeles Police Department said its YouTube account was suspended Saturday after it posted a video of a violent assault in hopes of finding the suspects.

The LAPD said on X that the appeal to its temporary suspension was denied, prompting it to post a link to its Critical Incident Community Briefings page, where the video can be found.

As of Sunday, the account appears to have been restored, but the video of the September assault that triggered the suspension is no longer on the LAPD page.

Authorities shared a Ring camera video of the Sept. 28 assault in Venice, where two men who were walking with bicycles attacked a third man.

Police said one of the suspects swung a pair of bolt cutters at the victim, who deflected the blow. The suspect continued to punch the victim and knocked him to the ground.

The suspect then kicked the victim in the head while he lay on the ground, which is where the video clip released by LAPD cuts off.

But police said the two suspects and the victim soon afterward got into another confrontation that left the victim with serious injuries.

“The suspect again armed himself with the bolt cutters and chased after the victim. The suspect swung the bolt cutters and struck the victim on the back of his head,” LAPD said in a news release.

The victim was knocked unconscious by the blow, and the suspects fled. 

A passerby spotted the unconscious victim and called for paramedics, who took the man to a hospital for treatment.

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