Threads users complain about cross-posting on Instagram, Facebook

Users aren’t altogether happy about Meta’s new promotional campaign for its fledgling social media platform Threads.

Recently, Meta began promoting Threads posts on Instagram and Facebook, offering users a carousel of posts with the headline “For you on Threads.” The posts invite users to navigate off Facebook or Instagram to Threads.

Users were cautiously optimistic when the posts first started appearing. As the campaign has ramped up the past few weeks, some users are voicing their concerns.

Some have said they don’t want their Threads posts to go out to all their Facebook friends and contacts, while others have pointed out there’s no way to opt out of the promotional campaign.

“Let us opt out of this weird cross-platform advertising thing — you’re going to throttle engagement on Threads from folks who have entirely different audience here than on insta and want to keep it that way,” user Ami Berger posted this week after another user posted a photo of a “For you on Threads” ad that featured one of her posts.

Meta said it wants more feedback.

“We’ve launched an update to make it easier for people to see the latest content from Threads directly on Facebook and Instagram. But we’re listening to feedback like yours as we continue to build on this,” Meta posted in response to a concerned user.

The campaign comes as Meta struggles to make Threads interesting for users. While the platform boasted an impressive amount of sign-ups in its first few weeks, daily active users quickly dropped off as customers realized just how barebones the site was.

The site is being rapidly developed, however, as Meta adds more features to bring users back. Recently, a web version of the site launched, and Threads now has more options for users to better customize their browsing experience.

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