Regulators probe GM’s Cruise self-driving taxis over pedestrian safety

U.S. regulators are investigating General Motors’ Cruise self-driving taxis over concerns they could hit people.

The Office of Defects Investigation, a division of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, said it has received at least two official reports of Cruise incidents where pedestrians were injured.  

The regulators say the reports indicate the presence of Cruise taxis could “increase the risk of a collision with a pedestrian, which may result in severe injury or death.”

The reports received by the regulators include the cars approaching pedestrians in or near the road, including crosswalks.

Cruise and GM reportedly have been in constant contact with the NHTSA and are cooperating with the agency to deliver more information about their technology.

The probe comes three months after California let Cruise and other robotaxi services operate in the state, despite opposition to the measure. Since the taxis began operation, several high-profile incidents have caught the eye of regulatory agencies.

Last month, a San Francisco pedestrian was struck by a Cruise car after it was slammed into traffic by another car. The Cruise car apparently was unable to stop in time.

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