Hyundai to debut car sales on Amazon in 2024

Starting in 2024, U.S. car dealers will be able to sell cars online via Amazon, with Hyundai being the first motor company to participate, the two companies announced.

Customers will be able to narrow down their search for a Hyundai brand car on Amazon by model, color, features and trim, and be able to either pick it up at a dealership or have the car delivered to them.

Payment and financing options will be available at checkout on Amazon.

“Despite the industry’s focus on improving this experience, customers continue to express frustration with the process. They see how easy it is to buy all the products on Amazon, and they want that convenience when buying a car,” Hyundai Motor Group Global Chief Operating Officer José Muñoz said Thursday at the Los Angeles Motor Show Thursday.

The program is projected to launch in the latter part of 2024.

A Hyundai spokesperson told Automotive News that the program will start with 18 dealerships across America, although the location of those dealers was not specified.

Neither company said whether other Hyundai Motor Group-owned brands, Kia and Genesis, will be available on Amazon.

Another part of the “broad strategic partnership” between the two companies is the inclusion of built-in Amazon Alexa in Hyundai cars starting in 2025. The companies did not say which models qualified.

In cars with built-in Alexa, drivers will be able to use all of the functions of their at-home Alexa units, from playing audio to setting reminders to controlling smart home functions, from behind the wheel. Some features will also be available regardless of internet availability.

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