Celebrities meet with SAG leadership after negotiations break down

Several A-list actors sat down with leaders of the Screen Actors Guild this week after contract negotiations fell apart last week.

George Clooney, Tyler Perry and Emma Stone were among the stars who jumped on a Zoom call Tuesday with SAG President Fran Drescher. Reportedly, the actors were looking for a way to end the strike.

The meeting came after negotiations between the union and Hollywood studios broke down last week. The talks, which restarted this month, were the first negotiations between the two parties since the start of the strike in mid-July.

There had been some hope that the contract hammered out between the studios and the Writers Guild of America last month could stand as a template for the SAG negotiations. However, the studios decided to walk away from the bargaining table after seeing a counteroffer from the union.

Specifically, the studios suspended the bargaining after seeing the union’s offer on profit sharing. According to the studios, the demand was too much and ultimately “unproductive.”

The union blasted the studios soon after the negotiations were suspended, and members rejoined the picket lines.

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